Ever since 1987, the founder of the Amur group has engaged in the process and trade of wild caviar and the research of farming of wild sturgeons and breeding technologies along the shores in Heilongjiang. As the resource of wild sturgeons are depleting, the founder of the Amur group established bases for sturgeon breeding as early as in 1999, making it currently one of the largest sturgeon breeding enterprises in China. There are over 10 high-quality bases of pristine ecological environment and cold spring water for sturgeon breeding and caviar processing. The stock of all kinds of quality sturgeons is over 300,000 with an annual caviar production capacity of over 10 tons. Amur is stably growing into an Asian-leading and world-class professional caviar and sturgeon products supplier.

    In May 2011, the Yunnan Amur Sturgeon Co. Ltd. (referred to as the group) was mutually funded by the founder Shi Zhenyu, Zhang Jinru and the Zhangzidao Group Co. Ltd. (listing ref.: 002069) with a total asset of USD16.8 million by the end of 2011. The group mainly engages in the breeding of all sturgeons, ecological breeding, process and sales of caviar and sturgeon products and the R&D of relevant technologies. With the group as the parent company, there are four wholly-owned subsidiaries including Beijing Xunlong Sturgeon breeding Co. Ltd., Chongqing Quanxi Freshwater Fishery Co. Ltd., She Town Quanxi Sturgeon Ecological Garden Co. Ltd. and Yunnan Amur Sturgeon (Huize) Co. Ltd. and two branches including the Huize Branch and the Wulong Branch.

      The group has over 10 natural cold spring water ecological breeding bases scattered all over the mainland of China, including Beijing, Hebei, Chongqing, and Yunnan with a total planned breeding area of over 750 acres including 450 acres being constructed. The sturgeons bred here include the pure Beluga, Kaluga, Amur River Sturgeon, Russian Sturgeon, Siberian Sturgeon, and over 10 kinds of hybrid sturgeons with a stock over 300,000. Most of the adult fish are in brood and can be harvested. The group has formed a complete industrial chain from breeding fry to processing caviar. The farmed sturgeon caviar of our group has been approved by the Secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). The breeding base in She County of Hebei was ranked as a "national fine sturgeon breed farm" and the Huize Branch in Yunnan was confirmed as an "industrialized-agriculture demonstration site of Ministry of Agriculture". Our group is currently one of the largest companies engaged in the sturgeon-breeding industry with the most consummate industrial chains. Our group has become a successful model for the sturgeon breeding in running spring ponds, which has the largest number of sturgeon fry and adult fishes.

    The Amur caviars are full and even in shape with pearlescent gloss, conquering millions of international caviar professionals and top gourmet connoisseurs by its transcendent flavor and quality, noble natural qualities and elegant fragrance. In a contest of blind caviar evaluation held by the French Michelin Food Association, the Amur caviar won the first prize, beating wild caviar from Iran and Russia. Another feature of the Amur caviar is that it is in fresh supply all through the year while the wild caviar is only in supply in spring and autumn. In the recent years, the Amur caviar has been well acclaimed by clients all over the world ever since the international fishery exhibitions in Boston, Brussels, Qingdao and Dalian. The Amur group is devoting to dedicate the finest caviar to the gourmet lovers worldwide.


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